Bathing is an extremely important part of grooming dogs and it is best to use shampoo and conditioners that are meant for dogs, unless your dog requires a medicated shampoo. Bathing your dog can be a pleasant experience for the both of you. Once dry give your dog a quick brush and their coat should look and smell fantastic.


Dog Brushing

Daily brushing is a great way to help prevent hair build up and excess shedding, it also helps keep grooming to a short session which is better for both you and your dog. Choosing the right brush for the breed of your dog will make the grooming session more enjoyable and its a great way in which you can truly bond with your pet.


Dog Clipping

So many people don’t know how to manage their dog’s paws and how to clip their nails but when they do… watch out!  Some pets can become very upset at this and become totally overwhelmed. That’s why it’s a great idea to get your dog used to having their paws touched before you attempt to trim nails. Learn how to clip their nails the best way. Right here…


All pet dogs should be bathed and groomed from time to time, however some dog breeds need it done more often. Proper hygiene though, is vital to maintain the health and well being of all dogs. Cleaning their ears to prevent wax build up, that can lead to infection. Brushing their teeth to avoid decay. And maintaining bright eyes and a shiny coat, are all essential components of a healthy, happy dog.


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