How to Quieten a Barking Puppy… 10 Ideas

barking puppy


A cute barking puppy turns into a loud barking dog which can be a real headache.

How you react when a puppy is testing out her voice, will dictate how much barking you’re going to hear over the next decade. Your reactions should depend on what is promoting her to bark in the first place.

If you yell at your dog whilst she is barking she will think you are joining her which will lead to more barking. To help solve this issue stay calm and try these tips.

Barking at Everything

If your dog barks at everything she sees or hears?

For some people the barking can seem a normal part of their daily routine and just let it go.

For others however perpetual barking can be a real pain. Here are some techniques to try to settle your barking dog,

Start training your barking puppy.

Puppies who bark at everything perceives themselves as the protector or guardian of the home and as leader, her duties are to guard her territory and her pack from intruders. Your puppy needs to understand that you are the boss.

Avoid leaving your puppy alone outdoors for long periods of time.

An unsupervised pup or long stretches of confinement can lead to boredom and territorial behavior. If left to do as she pleases you may end up with a constant barker.

As soon as you see your puppy get excited and start to perk up say (Shh ht) emphasis on the “t”is best, and use a treat or a favorite toy to call her back to your side. If she ignores you place her on a leash so you can quickly gain control.

Its seems like a lot of work but if you do it consistently it shouldn’t take too long and most pups are willing to please. It’s well worth it once she gets the message.

Barking in the Car

Being locked in a car creates a territorial situation.

Your puppy barks and the passing object quickly disappears, so your pup thinks she has done her job well. Yelling and pleading at your puppy doesn’t lead to good behavior. The more training you do with your pup the quicker the progress.

  1. You can make your puppy pause before letting her in the car.

Calming your pup and asking her to wait before entering your car will give her time to settle, when she is calm give her the okay to go in. She should also be in a showing calm behavior for you start to drive.

  1. Choose a place in the back seat or in the cargo area and give her a chew toy, or something she likes to hold in her mouth to keep her occupied.
  2. When possible, ask someone to drive so you can sit next to her and keep her under control while you ride.
  3. Sometimes playing calm music will make you less tense which is better body language to pass on to your puppy.
  4. Ignore the barking when your car is moving.


Driving is a hard enough task.

  1. If you are a passenger or if your car is stationary when your puppy is barking, discreetly spray her with a spray bottle filled with water or use the shh-ht sound. If you find it hard to use that sound you could shake a can with coins in it. Basically you want to redirect her attention to do something else.

A Barking puppy does this for attention or protest

All puppies go through a phase when they demand more attention and can’t bear to be left alone.

If you respond to your puppy, you most likely will end up with a barking dog. Take charge of the situation before it becomes habit.

Try these ideas.

Focus on good behavior

Give your puppy positive attention when she is resting on her bed or chewing a toy or exploring calmly those things will help you to reconnect warmly with her.

Ignore the barking if you can, and don’t get upset, never yell. 

Avoid problems in your home by keeping her nearby. Your pup wants to be with you so if you can, keep her close by.

Place peanut butter in a hollow bone and give it to your puppy when you need to leave her in a room alone but don’t feel guilty to leave as that will make her feel anxious.

Discreetly spray your pup from behind or shake or toss the coin can towards her but not (at her) when she starts up.

The goal is to have her think it came from the environment, not you.

If you must interrupt her barking tantrum, go to her quietly without eye contact or comments and place her on the leash so you have better control.