Dog Training is Exercise, Discipline, and Affection

dog training

When it comes to dog training there are 3 essential elements: Exercise, discipline, and affection……in that order!

These are three great ways to have a happy, well balanced pet in good health and well being.

Your dog needs more than just affection and food, its needs training to be happy, engaged and respected.

Dog training

In the correct order,

1. Exercise – walk them for a least an hour a day.
2. Discipline – by giving them definite  rules, boundaries, and limitations to adhere to.
3. Affection – a reward we give to them and to ourselves, but only after your dog is in a calm submission in our pack

People Training

Many owners assume their dog’s behavior is the dog’s problem. Our behavior has a huge effect on our dogs. Behave more as an assertive pack leader rather than a human friend. Dog training gives your pet balance in their lives. Our duty as an owner is to fulfill their needs on a daily basis, with rules, boundaries, and limitations and emotionally with affection.


Trust is very important. If your dog doesn’t trust you to be a strong leader in his pack, he will take it upon himself to take charge for his pack to survive. He tries to fill the missing leadership elements, often erratically. This can cause aggression, or phobias. These are what I would call issues.


The power of the walk. Taking your dog for a walk once, if not twice a day for at least 40 minutes to an hour, is the best ritual for your dogs mind and body. It is also very important whilst on your walk that you are leading your dog. This means that he is not ahead pulling or behind, he needs to walk next to you, to know that you are in control and are his leader. Often we see dogs walking in front of their owner which sends them the wrong message. See things through your dog’s eyes and by giving them these elements of good dog training your pet will grateful and the benefits for your family will be substantial.

dog training